Tailwind Flexbox Cheatsheet

If you hadn’t figured out already (see my other blog entry) I’m quite a fan of Tailwind the utility CSS framework. While I think their documentation is great, I’m a fan of visual cheatsheets. With a heavy emphasis on the visual. Finding no one else had made what I wanted I fired up Figma and got to work.

Sneak peak of the cheatsheet

Hope you like it! Any suggestions let me know.

Update 12 June 2023 #

I’ve added it’s brother to Gumroad Tailwind Grid Cheatsheet get the set.

Update 21 May 2022 #

I’ve added a new PDF for version 3 of Tailwind CSS.

It has the following changes:

Tailwind Flexbox Cheatsheet

Having trouble with flexbox layout using Tailwind CSS? This cheatsheet can help you quickly find the right class style for your next flexbox layout, with diagrams included.

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