About Andrew Ford #

Then #

I’m an experienced full stack developer working professionally in the web industry since the year 2000. Having worked on small sites for local business to large sites for corporations including Sony, Panasonic, Comvita, Zespri, Trust Power, Farmlands, Lion Nathan, Destination Great Lake Taupo, Craigs Investment Partners and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to name but a few. These sites exposed me to a wide range of CMS systems from bespoke solutions, to Wordpress, Umbraco and Sitecore.

Over the last 10 years I’ve progressed to building bespoke web and mobile applications. Using technologies like AngularJS and ReactJS (including React Native) for SaaS companies and an ERP system for local government (councils).

Previously I was the Lead Developer of a small team, working on a cloud based applicant tracking software for QJumpers. Working with .Net Core, ReactJS, Docker, Kubernetes and PostgresDB, hosted on AWS.

I was a Tech Lead / Instructor at Developers Institute teaching students Client Side & Full Stack development to be the next generation of Web Developers.

I was promoted to be the Head of Teaching at Developer’s Institute, where my role involved mentoring the teaching team and enhancing the learning experience for students. I was responsible for implementing assessments that met NZQA standards and ensuring the curriculum is delivered at a high level.

Now #

I’m a senior developer at Southern Cross Health Society, where my responsibilities is that of a Senior Technical Analyst. I’m responsible for the technical design and implementation of a replacement back office tool for quoting. The role requires research and building proof of concepts of new techniques and technologies. While working with my SCRUM team to understand the business requirements and translating them into technical solutions. I’m also responsible for mentoring the developer team and ensuring the quality of the codebase.

I have done contract Developer Training, teaching students to be Full Stack developers (Level 5) preparing them for the industry and their internships. I also mentor students in their internships, helping them to understand the industry and the technologies they are working with.

In my spare time I post videos and stream on my YouTube channel Code with Andrew Ford, where I teach people how to code. I also write articles and tutorials on my blog andrewford.co.nz about web development.

My latest CV is available here.