Extended lease of life for old Macs

I have a 2010 Mac Book Pro (MBP) that I’d upgraded for every new release of OSX. Never had I done a fresh install until late last year. While it did help it’s performance it didn’t make a huge improvement. The PC was still sluggish. A little bit of history. After only a short length… Read more »

The iPad whats it good for?

Recently I had to ask the question, what is an iPad good for? Can I get serious work done on it? While it’s easy to use can it do all the things I need to do as a designer, developer and blogger? I’ve found the iPad good for watching Netflix or reading comics. To me… Read more »

Letterboxd app for iOS

If you love movies, then do yourself a favour and sign up for Letterboxd. They just released their iOS app. A great addition to the service. There are two things that stood out to me in the app as different choices on iOS. Firstly the Letterbox app doesn’t have labels on the tab bar at… Read more »

Replacement “Duck Heads”

I got my replacement “duck heads” from the local Apple reseller today. Seven in total.They are still flying out the door as quick as they come in. Suggest you call first before turning up. Was surprised to see that they are smaller than the original which will make plugging in to a wall socket easier… Read more »

Movies 2016 to February

I liked Khoi Vinh’s rundown of the movies he’s watched. So I thought I’d write-up my own list, and add my 2 cents of what I’ve watched so far in 2016. I’m actually stunned at how many movies I’ve watched to be honest this year. I’m still also watching a couple of TV shows every… Read more »

Electron Wrapper

It’s now never been easier to make a desktop version of your favourite website/web app thanks to the Electron project. You may even be using an Electron app and didn’t even realise that it was powered by web technology with an embedded version of Chrome. For example Slack‘s desktop app is built on Electron. So… Read more »

React.js Conf 2016 Highlights – Day 2

Following my first day of highlights, here are my highlights of day 2 of React.js Conf 2016. Exponentjs Exponentjs takes the best of developing for the web to native mobile development. It’s a more packaged up solution to Microsoft’s Code Push. It wraps up the build, deploy and update process. gl-react GL-react brings Open GL & Web GL… Read more »

React.js Conf 2016 Highlights – Day 1

While I may not have attended day 1 of React.js Conf today, I did get to listen to the conference live streamed from San Francisco. Here are my short cherry picked highlights of things that I thought were cool. Draft.js Draft.js was announced from Facebook. It’s a rich text editor framework for React that uses Immutable.js…. Read more »

Sideloading Apple TV apps

I’ve been playing around with app ideas for the new Apple TV after purchasing a USB Type C cable from Ali Express. One thing I’ve found is it’s very easy to load “other” apps onto the device such as Provenance – a Nintendo and Sega emulator. Here is a sideloading apple tv guide to install… Read more »