Mojave macOS on an old Mac

I still use a Mac Book Pro from 2010. It's been upgraded with more ram and an SSD (which I covered here), as it's from a time when you could still upgrade a Mac yourself. Last year when macOS Mojave (10.14) was announced it became clear I would not be able to upgrade and be stuck on High Sierra.

Or so I thought... Thanks to the efforts of Dosdude1 you can patch the installer of Mojave and install on some older hardware not supported by Apple which includes my 15" mid 2010 Mac Book Pro (MacBookPro6,2) with it's superior keyboard.

macOS Mojave about on my MBP
macOS Mojave about on my MBP

I did a fresh install by downloading the Mojave installer, patched and created a bootable USB drive following the guide. It was a painless process and the only difference between a normal install was the use of the patch tool.

If you have a MacBookPro6,2 which had some graphics card issues causing it to Kernel panic I recommend you also install this patch here too that supports Mojave.

Now I get to enjoy the new features of Mojave like Dark Mode, use the new snapshot tools and run the Home app.