Write and Publish on the Mac

Write on the iPad, Publish on the Mac

These days, I’m still using iA Writer as my primary writing canvas. In fact, I’m writing this from that app right now! I’m constantly switching it up and trying new apps for writing, but iA has been pretty consistent with me for a while now. And the fact that I keep coming back to it seems to be a good sign. I like its simplicity, and the fact that I can publish in draft form right to Medium from it.

M.G. Siegler’s post on his workflow for writing starts off similar to my own. I too enjoy using iA Writer for it’s simplicity, but on the Mac not the iPad. I find it focuses my writing and the side pane can easily access my local Git repo for my blog.

I’m not sure I could suffer the pain of having to switch device to publish though, I’d rather put in the pain up front to automate publishing (which I did when I switched to GatsbyJS) and work on only one device.