Bitbucket Pipeline

Over the weekend I used Docker Pipelines to build and deploy a personal project to my Raspberry Pi (which I use as an Apache server and a Pi-hole -network wide ad-blocker/site blocker).

A pipeline build for Bitbucket is configured using a single file in your Git repository bitbucket-pipelines.yml. If your familiar with Docker it looks like a Dockerfile. It defines how Docker can build in my case a simple ReactJS app using NodeJS and deploy the production files to my Raspberry Pi server.

Now once configured whenever I push new changes to the Git Repository on Bitbucket a new build is kicked off and deployed. This way I have no need for a build to happen on my local machine or the server. Very handy if you need to make a critical fix, it can be made on Bitbucket in the browser and automatically deployed.

Bitbucket Pipelines saves you having to setup the likes of Jenkins and configuring Docker with it's Pipelines. With 50 minutes free per month, it is well suited to small projects with quick build times.