Best of Build 2016 Conference

I've been slowly working my way through some of the videos from Microsofts Build Conference for 2016. There are too many to watch almost, but here are some of my favourites.

Visual Studio Code - Tips & Tricks

Admittedly I'm a big fan of Visual Studio Code. It's almost everything I want in an editor. Light weight, easy to use, smart auto completion out of the box with Git integration. This video will take your from novice to pro user of VS Code.

As a bonus check out the Github repo with animated Gifs for the talk.

What's new in TypeScript

Anders Hejlsberg delivers a solid presentation on why and how you should be using TypeScript plus what to look forward to soon.

Building a Conversational Bot: From 0 to 60

Microsoft have made a very easy to use Bot framework with great integration with a whole host of platforms (Skype, email, SMS, Slack and lots of chat apps).

Instantly Releasing Updates to Your React Native Apps

Using the CodePush service from MS you can update your app without having to go through the App Store approval process right from your command line.

Node.js and Microsoft: A Love Story about Developer Tools

A demo of the Node.js development with Visual Studio Code and it's great debugging environment.

Mobile DevOps with HockeyApp and Visual Studio Team Services

Learn how to iterate fast and maintain quality of your mobile apps using VSTS & HockeyApp.