The iPad whats it good for?

Recently I had to ask the question, what is an iPad good for? Can I get serious work done on it? While it’s easy to use can it do all the things I need to do as a designer, developer and blogger?

I’ve found the iPad good for watching Netflix or reading comics. To me it is a consumption device. It’s slightly easier banging out an email or blog post than on a phone. But not better than a MacBook.

For my line of work the iPad just doesn’t cut it. OSX is far superior for development and design than iOS and its current apps. I can’t imagine how convoluted it would be to run a web dev environment locally let alone possible.

My own iPad sits now on our coffee table wiped of my personal stuff ready for one of my kids to paw over.

The iPad as it currently is, just isn’t for me. Let’s see what Apple can do to sway me that the iPad is worth my attention.

Update 22/Mar/2016: After watching the event Apple had nothing new that would bring me back to the iPad. Software more like OSX or and approach like Windows 10 that doubles as a desktop and tablet OS would be the only thing that I believe could sway me.