Movies 2016 to February

I liked Khoi Vinh’s rundown of the movies he’s watched. So I thought I’d write-up my own list, and add my 2 cents of what I’ve watched so far in 2016.

I’m actually stunned at how many movies I’ve watched to be honest this year. I’m still also watching a couple of TV shows every week.


Mad Max Fury Road

Visually amazing movie. Worthy of all the Oscars it garnered.


A fun watch. Light hearted comic book hero movie. Not too serious.

Avengers Age of Ultron

Better than the first Avengers film. Less confusing too.


Very watchable, not what I was expecting. The kids will like it, but there is still something for the adults.

Inside Out

This one will get you in the “feels”, not surprisingly for a movie about feelings. Keep some tissues handy.


Space and beating all the odds with just the will to survive.

Transformers Dark of the Moon

Just sit back and watch the effects, all eye candy with this one.

The Martian

Another space survival movie. There seems to be a little theme going on in January.


Amy Schumer is hilarious in this rom-com. LeBron James steals some great scenes, was in fits of laughter.

The Good Dinosaur

Another Pixar this month. Still in heavy rotation in the car with the kids. Not Inside Out Good but still enjoyable.


Wolf of Wall Street

Greed, greed, greed is what this movie is about.

American Hustle

Wasn’t what I was expecting. A-list cast keeps it all together.

Pitch Perfect 2

Just fun, sugar filled entertainment.


The chemistry of these comedy geniuses makes this movie. Lots of laugh out loud moments.


Ashton Kutcher had a lot of Steve’s mannerisms down. Felt like only a brief highlight reel of his career. It finished and I was wanting to know more about Steve.


Not as good as Skyfall. It was more of the same Bond we love. I liked Skyfall with it exploring his past, with Skyfall it barely again touches on it.

Jurassic World

As good as the first and it’s got dinosaurs. I mean who doesn’t love dinosaurs.