TW64 fitness tracker review

The TW64 aka the FakeFitBit is a very cheap fitness tracker. I purchased mine during the “Singles Day” AliExpress sale for US $9.65. Which when compared with Many other fitness trackers on the market it’s very very cheap in comparison. But the old adage of you get what you pay for applies heavily with the TW64.

The TW64 on my wrist
The TW64 on my wrist

Aesthetically the device is reasonable looking, be it a little rough in finish in comparison to other devices. It comfortably fits my skinny wrists all be it on the 2nd to last few holes. It’s made of a soft silicone with a diamond texture on the outside and a ridged shape on the underneath against your skin to stop it spinning around on your wrist. After previously wearing a stainless steel link band watch, the TW64 is much more comfortable. It’s very easy to take off compared to putting on, I’ve only had it come off once.

Charging the TW64, with it's clip charger
Charging the TW64, with it's clip charger

The device has one button on the left hand side that wakes the unit from sleep to display the time, battery remaining and date (only in US format). If you keep pressing the button multiple times you are shown steps, estimated distance travelled, estimated calories burnt and time slept. The display is a simple monochrome organic LED in white, which is easy to see except for in direct sunlight. It’s bright enough in the dark to give a faint enough glow to see by, but not enough to light up the room.

To get the most out of the TW64 you will need to use the Movnow Plus app (available for Android & iOS). This app leaves a lot to be desired. It’s very slow, unresponsive, english is poor, the UI is pretty terrible and there is no health kit support. Pairing and updating the fitness tracker is reasonable to do, but not as straight forward as it could be. From the app a wakeup or event alarm can be set. I find the wakeup alarm a great way to know when to get up without waking my wife, the band vibrates 4 times without a sound.

So to sum up the TW64 isn’t a great device. It ticks of the basics, but it is mostly let down by the software (health kit support would help). I still use the TW64 everyday for the sleep tracking and the wakeup alarm. I will until I find something that’s again cheap but has better software.

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