Andrew "Drew" Ford

Full Stack Developer / Instructor from Tauranga, New Zealand

Getting started with ReactJS

ReactJS is all the rage in the JavaScript community. It allows you to build an apps UI as discrete components that pass the data in a one-way reactive flow. It's a library just for the view of MVC. But it's not a framework.

I've been using ReactJS for a proof of concept at work and using the mobile library React Native for my local web meetup project Smart Solar.

Things I like about ReactJS:

  • Making all your components self contained blocks is how I've always tried to build out my UI. React takes this to another level having the JS and HTML embeded together.
  • I got up to speed a lot faster with ReactJS then Angular 1. The concepts are a lot more simplistic. ReactJS doesn't have as many concepts to learn like factories, ng syntax and directives with Angular (or let alone when to use the appropriate one).

My learning path to get started with ReactJS was the following: