Twitter, weighing up the noise vs good

I’ve been a user of Twitter since 2008. I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy user, but do enjoy the little gems of info I do come across of the people I follow and there is some really great conversations on the platform.

But lately I’ve been finding the noise to good ratio has been hard leaning to the noise. Maybe it’s always been that way or maybe I’m only noticing it now. I recently removed my favourite Twitter client from my phone and just use Nuzzel instead. It leaves the good articles/links and leaves out the noise. It compliments my RSS feeds (yeah I’m hip with the cool kids).

A lot of people who know what their talking about think Twitter is broken. Like Chris Sacca who’s VC company holds a lot of Twitter stock. Maybe their right, the way content is a timeline feed of everything for twitter vs a curated (by algorithm) feed like Facebook is why they don’t have the number of users. Just a sea of noise, people have too much of that already.

Maybe it’s the lack of a community feel that hasn’t made it as successful (compared to Facebook) as Dustin points out.

First, for normal users, Twitter feels too much like a one-way broadcast system. It needs to feel more like a community, with meaningful two-way interaction.

For the time being anyway I’ll be an occasional user and enjoy my filtered feed.