Long Weekend Wrap-up - 27th October 2014

It's Labour Day Weekend here in New Zealand and I'm having a pretty laid back weekend. It was my annual cleaning of the pool yesterday turning it from emerald green to blue with the help of a lot of chemicals and cleaning. Apart from that I've managed to read some great articles from my Instapaper queue to share with you. So enjoy the long weekend wrap-up.

Manage your server from your iPhone - Me

Easy iPhone screenshots with OS X Yosemite - Me

Here's why public wifi is a health hazard - Medium You should really use a VPN if you must use wifi at the local coffee shop. I've been using TunnelBear myself which gives you 500mb for free and is available on all the popular platforms.

Yosemite & iOS for photography - Austin Mann

Small business owners can now easily add your business with Maps Connect for Apple maps.

The end of apps as we know them - Intercom