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App Store Rejection

Published 27 Jan 2014

A screenshot of my iOS app Mirror 7

Unfortunately on the weekend my iOS app in review Mirror 7 was rejected. I won’t go into the details, it was rejected with some pretty fair reasons and won’t ever appear on iTunes.

Mirror 7 wasn’t an amazing, knock your socks off app. It was what I believe was a well executed simple app to familiarise myself with iOS app development and deployment, implement a few cocoa pods and have some fun manipulating the input from the camera (zoom).

Rejection is hard, plain and simple. I spent more time than I want to tally up building this app as I was starting from scratch with Objective C and the iOS SDK. It was a hard slog at times, especially with a young family and a demanding full time job.

On the bright side I at least learnt some new skills and gained some appreciation of what is needed to make a great app for iOS.

So that others can learn from what I built,  I’ve open sourced the app on GitHub and for more details checkout the marketing site. Feel free to tweet me any questions or comments about the app and iOS development.

Front End Web Developer from Tauranga, New Zealand

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