Icons for iOS 7

iOS7 has now been out for over a month now. A lot of app developers have now released their new takes on apps for the “new look” of iOS. It seems only now designers have had a chance to catch up and offer great icon sets to compliment Apple’s own pencil line thin icons. In making my own apps for iOS I’ve come across a couple of icon sets that you can use too.

Ionicons #


Free and open source (MIT License)
These icons are to be used in the upcoming Iconic Framework a 100% free and open source beautiful front-end framework for developing native mobile apps in HTML5. The icons come both as an icon font and a set of SVG images. The Ionic icon font is available in the Cocoa pod ionicions-iOS.

Essence Icon Set #

Essence icon set for iOS7
Essence icon set for iOS7

Essence icon set for iOS7[/caption]Paid license, attribution-free for an unlimited number of projects. $29.99
With over 300+ unique icons plus a filled version of each. Included are standard (25x25) and @2x (50x50) versions of each in PNG format. An Adobe Illustrator version is also included. Future updates are to be included in upcoming months.

Icon Beast Icon sets #

Icon Beast Icon sets
Icon Beast Icon sets

Paid $25 (royalty free license) and free icon sets (creative commons attribution license)
Over 300 icons in grey, black and blue (active). Images are available in both standard and retina resolution PNGs. Also available in EPS, AI, and PSD format.