Glass is inevitable

Eric Meyer ponders about Google Glass and how it’s inevitable:

You think that you’ll remember all those precious milestones, that there is no way on Earth you could ever forget your child’s first word, or the first time they took their first steps, or the time they suddenly put on an impromptu comedy show that had you on the floor laughing. But you do forget. Time piles up and you forget most of everything that ever happened to you. A few shining moments stay preserved, and the rest fade into the indistinct fog of your former existence.

You vow you’ll never forget those precious moments with your little one, only to be left with hazy memories of them as they further grow. Being a dad again 10 years later I’m ever reminded of those special moments I first experienced with my first daughter, reliving them again with my youngest.

Robert Scoble made the bold statement:

I will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It's that significant.

I’m a little apprehensive of always being on the end of the camera of a society with Google Glass, but I think the benefits will far out weight the negatives.

I look forward to preserving those wonderful moments.