Links for web developers / designers

During my web travels and twitter stream I come across some great links. Rather than spamming each one to social media I thought it would be a better idea to list them on my own blog, so starting today here are some links I’ve found on web for the last week.

Underscores #

A starter theme for Wordpress that the Theme Team use. Just the minimal amount of CSS & HTML to get started. Great for a developer like me wanting to make his own themes.

Conditionizr #

A small JS library to handle IE conditionals, HTML5 polyfills and retina images. Will be using this in my next project, never quite liked the HTML tag soup of IE conditionals on HTML 5 Boilerplate.

Bones #

A theme intended for developers. Great base to get you started when building your own Wordpress theme. I used Bones to create this theme your seeing now.

The Secret Law of Page Harmony #

This is a great article on page layout and typography. Well worth a read.

Sassaprilla #

A great SASS framework from the people at Fffunction. Has a nice focus on typography and using/exploiting the tools provided in Compass for type.

Web Developer Checklist #

Nice simple checklist of all the things you should do before and after launching your new website.

Ramnode #

Amazingly priced VPS on SSD drives. Will give a review shortly on if they live up to both being affordable and fast.

Master mobile navigation #

Thought provoking article on ways to handle mobile navigation and the trend to have the entire site navigation on your mobile.

My new responsive theme #

My blog post about my new responsive theme for this site I built with the Bones Wordpress theme .