Bungy jumping, engagement and learning a whole lot of tech

What a full on 6 months I’ve just had. I got engaged, visited Queenstown and New Castle in Australia, Bungy jumped for the first time (proof here). And to top that off I started a new job at SpeEDI software and launched my own web application Vote Daily Deals. While doing all that I had the chance to learn the following languages/technologies/frameworks:

The web application I’m building at SpeEDI Software is all built using Microsoft technologies. It’s a MVC 3 application that will be deployed on Azure web hosting. This site takes advantage of Twitter Bootstrap and LESS. Can’t say too much more, but it’s coming along at a good pace.

Vote Daily Deals is a web application I built in my spare time (what little I have) on the CodeIgniter framework. The application takes advantage of the Twitter Bootstrap framework that allowed me to focus my effort on the PHP and CoffeeScript and not on the look and feel. The site allows users to vote for their favourite daily deals site in New Zealand. Users have the choice of logging in using their Facebook account, upon voting for a site and entry is added to the users Facebook timeline notifying other users about the site.

After learning all these great languages/technologies/frameworks some further blog posts will have to be done to share what I’ve learned.