Travel hacking Air New Zealand

I was reading a great blog post on travel hacking from the team at LifeHacker. So I thought I’d give some of my pointers.

From that article I found my favourite new flight comparison tool, SkyScanner and the best part is it’s in NZ dollars.

Web Jet have a nice monthly deal finder search tool, choose your destination and it can tell you the best price for the next 6 months.

Here are a few of my own tips for Air New Zealand:

Tip 1: For Air New Zealand flyers if you’ve flown in the last 7 days make sure you enter your details on and keep checking back everyday at midday to see if you’ve won.

Tip 2: Earn Air New Zealand airpoints the easy way by getting a Go Fly Kiwibank mastercard, spend over 15k on it and you’ll also get free Koru lounge passes. There are also other credit cards that can help you wing your way overseas.

Tip 3: With the above credit card every thursday, they have a simple trivia competition for air-points as well as special grab a seat deals for Go Fly Kiwibank customers

Tip 4: Combine your Fly Buys to your Air New Zealand air points, be aware that the conversion rate is pretty low though 1 Airpoints Dollar for every 6.25 Fly Buys Points.

Tip 5:  Sign up for Colmar Brunton surveys to get more Fly Buys points Every week or so I get emails to complete surveys for Fly Buys points.