Kia Ora Bro!

Welcome to the latest version of my website now running a custom Wordpress theme.

The basis for the theme was the HTML 5 Toolbox theme. I’ve used the OOCSS (Object Orientated CSS) style sheets from Nicole Sullivan’s project, mainly the Grid and Spacing classes.

I started the build of this theme after reading the Sitepoint book Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes by Allan Cole, Raena Jackson Armitage, Brandon R. Jones & Jeffrey Way. The book went into great detail explaining how to build themes and create customisations to your own theme.

On starting the build I  struggled to follow the “Thematic” theme, child theme approach. I got frustrated with overriding so much CSS and decided to start from a basic HTML 5 base theme instead. Build time was far longer than expected, with my own project being constantly put on the back burner. Finally though the site is now launched.

K Bars