Weekend Wrap-up 9th November 2014

It really feels like summer now. Days spent playing outside with the kids, and parties with friends over for food and drink. The last birthday celebrations for this year were had, with my youngest turning two.

Hope you all had a great weekend, enjoy these great reads.

Responsive Images in Practise – A List Apart

Google’s Quest to Write the Rulebook for Interactive Design – Wired

Why you probably won’t understand the web of the future – Quartz

Serial: listeners of podcast phenomenon turn detectives – with troubling results – The Guardian

Why I’m staying in Afghanistan – The Guardian

Virgin Galactic pilot defied the odds to survive crash – LA Times

The Man Who Disobeyed His Boss And Opened The Berlin Wall – NPR

Weekend Wrap-up – 2nd November 2014

After surviving Mr 6’s tenpin birthday party this weekend, I managed to catch up on some great articles this week. Happy reading.

10 Things To Consider While Keeping a Level Head About AngularJS 2.0 – One Hungry Mind
The whole Angular JS world blew up this week with the revelations of big changes in version 2 at the ngEurope conference. I have only been working with the framework a couple of months myself and was also a little concerned with the big changes. But after reading and researching myself I believe the Angular team are making the right moves. JavaScript will be changing drastically over the next couple of years, the changes are only reflecting this.

Day One – The News Print
Josh Ginter has a great review of Day One a beautiful journal app for iOS / OS X . I whole heartedly agree with his review, Day One is the best app out their to catch your thoughts and precious moments in a way pen and paper can’t.

How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket – Bon Appétit
Ever walked out of a supermarket with a whole lot of stuff you didn’t plan to buy when only going in to get some milk? Here is how they do it.

Ed Snowden Taught Me To Smuggle Secrets Past Incredible Danger. Now I Teach You. – The Intercept
This is great as a primer to security and encryption of email, outlining how Snowden got in contact with Greenwald.

Long Weekend Wrap-up – 27th October 2014

It’s Labour Day Weekend here in New Zealand and I’m having a pretty laid back weekend. It was my annual cleaning of the pool yesterday turning it from emerald green to blue with the help of a lot of chemicals and cleaning. Apart from that I’ve managed to read some great articles from my Instapaper queue to share with you. So enjoy the long weekend wrap-up.

Manage your server from your iPhone – Me

Easy iPhone screenshots with OS X Yosemite – Me

Here’s why public wifi is a health hazard – Medium
You should really use a VPN if you must use wifi at the local coffee shop. I’ve been using TunnelBear myself which gives you 500mb for free and is available on all the popular platforms.

Yosemite & iOS for photography – Austin Mann

Small business owners can now easily add your business with Maps Connect for Apple maps.

The end of apps as we know them – Intercom

Minecraft sale to Microsoft

Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft is a big hit with my family. My kids and I play together on the Pocket edition creating all sorts of buildings. It keeps us entertained for hours, and hours. It’s the one game I don’t mind the kids spending all that time1 as I see it no different to the hours I spent playing with Lego as a child.

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition

Microsoft buying Minecraft for $2.5 billion might seem like a strange deal to some but let’s face it who would have the capital to buy the 3rd biggest game2 of all time and further build it. More importantly the new Microsoft are starting to embrace the benefits of going multi-platform with Office applications for iPad (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and the soon to be released Office for Android suite. I’m not worried that they will make it a Windows Phone or Xbox exclusive, there is too much money to turn down.

I’m excited to see where Microsoft can take Minecraft into the future with their cloud services3 expertise.

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  2. Best selling games across all platforms – Wikipedia 

  3. Xbox Live Compute and Azure